SOME BY MI Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss, Derma Scalp Shampoo

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Deep cleansing for hair loss concerns!
If you shampoo properly, you're done worrying about hair loss!
Cleanse the sebum, dead skin cells, and pollutants accumulated in the pores of the scalp, and make a strong scalp so that the active ingredients can be absorbed well into the scalp.

- 11 Peptide Complexes
Scalp-Elasticity, Moisturization, and Barrier Enhancement
Hair - Elasticity, Nutrition, Glossy

- Biotin (vitamin B) vegetable protein
Biotin nourishes the scalp
Soy, wheat and corn protein make your hair healthy and elastic

- Sebum and waste adsorption! PHA Bubble Care

Minimize scalp irritation
Contains PHA to adsorb sebum, dead skin cells, and wastes

Cica+mentor = Soothing Cooling Care
It soothes the irritated scalp and the menthol ingredient gives the heated scalp a cool cooling sensation.



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