PLouise Following My Purpose Brush Set

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Even when you possess a strong purpose in life sometimes we all need a little help with direction…
Don’t feel ashamed to ask babe, no one can go it alone without some corrections
No matter where you’re going, Let your heart be your compass and your passion drive you there.

#E13 - Small Dome Smudger Brush
A small dome shaped smudger brush, ideal for creating smokey liner or smudging out the waterline.

#E14 - Precision Base Brush
A flat structured base brush ideal for a carving the brows or cutting the crease.

#E15 - Angled Liner Brush
A petite angled liner brush ideal for winged liners or creating realistic brow strokes. 

#E16 - Flat Fluffy Shadow Brush
A flat yet fluffy shadow brush perfect for defining the crease.

#E17 - Petite Smudging Brush
A petite smudging brush perfect for creating smokey liners and smudging out the waterline.

#E18 - medium Tapered Blending Brush
A slim medium shaped blending brush created with a tapered tip for a precise and controlled application.

#E19 - Small Pencil Brush
A small sized pencil brush with tapered tip bristles for a precise and direct application.

#E20 - Flat Tapered Shadow Brush
A flat fluffy shadow brush with a tapered tip perfect for intensifying the crease.

#E21 - Angled Fluffy Shader Brush
A fluffy shader brush created with an angled edge made to fit perfectly into the contours of the eye.

#F20 - Petite Diffuser Brush
A super soft and fluffy diffuser brush for a blown out application, ideal for blusher or highlighter

#F21 - Flat Top Petite Powder Brush
A petite powder brush with flat top bristles for a full coverage matte finish.

#F22 - Tapered Highlighter Brush
A fully highlighter brush with a tapered tip for a precipice application.

#F23 - Flat Top Precise Under Eye Brush
A soft synthetic under-eye brush created with a flat top shape for a precise under eye application.

#F24 - Small Dome Powder Brush
A small dome shaped powder brush ideal for setting super small areas of the face such as under the waterline and around the nose.

#F25 - Angled Contour Brush
A super soft and silky foundation brush, shaped with an angle to comfortably fit the contours of the face.

#F27 - Medium Dome Powder Brush
A medium dome shaped powder brush ideal for setting smaller areas of the face such as the under-eye and the forehead.

#F28- Flat Top Angled Foundation Brush
A medium sized flat top angled foundation brush perfect for patting in your foundation for a full coverage finish.

# F29 - Flat Top Kabuki Brush
A flat top Kabuki brush ideal for foundation application. Made with Super soft synthetic fibres to evenly distribute and blend for a flawless finish.

#F30-Large Dome Powder Brush
A extra large dome shaped powder brush ideal for large areas setting the face quickly.

#L1 - Precise Lip Brush
A petite oval shaped lip brush perfect for neatly lining and applying the lips.



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