P.CALM Cato Facial Cream 80ml

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This trace moisture cream solves the dullness of easily irritated sensitive skin.
It is a trusted product that has exceeded 670 million won in cumulative sales within 6 months of its release and has received a customer satisfaction score of 4.8/5.0 (6 months after launch, including planned products).
The product provides treatment for the dry inner layer that results in dull skin.
The 80ml large capacity cream is a skin brightening and wrinkle improving dual functional product.
Clinical trials showed its improvement in melasma and pigmentation, improvement of skin double tone (brightness/redness), and improvement of skin radiance.
The large-capacity moisturizing cream can be safely used in calming dull skin, as the skin brightness, blemishes, and pigmentation relief are confirmed in a human clinical trial that was directly evaluated and interviewed by a specialist at a university hospital.
In clinical trials, the product showed double tone (brightness/redness) improvement by 1.17%, blemishes and pigmentation improvement by 1.32%, and skin radiance improvement by 2.13% after 4 weeks of use.
Featured ingredientsIt has enhanced moisturizing effects with its skin moisture factor, the Cato Barrier TM 1 ingredient.
It can be used safely, having completed 11 kinds of safety tests such as 250mmHg and 10min tests.
Sensitive skin can easily grow dull due to a lack of skin moisture, which this product can take care of.



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