Morphe X Lisa Frank 35B By Lisa Frank Artistry Palette - FORREST

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Color Your World.

The much-adored Morphe 35B palette is back with a twist that only Lisa Frank herself could create. These bold and bright shades are bursting with color to play with. From brave strokes of blue to the perfect pop of pink, it's all here for you. Let your most vibrant dreams run free.

  • Row 1: Blanca, Princess Pearls, Roary, Casey & Caymus, Sunflower
  • Row 2: Playtime Kittens, Markie, Balloon Buddies, Elephant John, Sasha & Shanti
  • Row 3: Ballerina Bunnies, Purrscilla, Rainbow Chaser, Buzz, Hunter
  • Row 4: Dashly, Rainbow Majesty, Lollipop, Puppy Love, Roxi & Rollie
  • Row 5: Peekaboo, Zoomer & Zorbit, Dancing Dolphins, Saturn Sundae, Forrest
  • Row 6: Miss Galaxy, Prancing Unis, Violet & Velvet, Skye, Hollywood Bear
  • Row 7: Tikanni, Angel Kitty, Spotty & Dotty, Panda Painter, Max Splash



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