Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub 200g

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The evocative and luxurious Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub can be used on the entire body to target dry and rough skin. Be prepared to be thoroughly pampered and to enjoy the benefits of visibly smoother and soft skin.

Featuring the unique properties of the Robusta coffee bean and sea salt, your skin is gently exfoliated, without the scrub causing irritation or damage, even to sensitive skin. Infused with orange oil, this body scrub will quickly and easily rid the skin of all flaky and dry patches. This leaves you with skin that smells of a delicious orange coffee.

Your skin is protected from further damage with the inclusion of soothing almond oil and vitamin E that also deeply nourish the skin and give it a warm and healthy glow. After one application your skin will look and feel more youthful and super soft. Apply this loose powder to wet skin while in the shower. Rub and massage into the skin and then rinse away. It can be used up to five times a week.



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