DIOR Prestige Le Concentré Yeux mini 3 ml

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Le Concentré Yeux initiates the eye contour area regeneration thanks to a unique synergy between skincare and massage. With the eyes closed, its divinely fresh and enveloping texture rolls out across the whole panoramic eye area for a more complete regeneration. Its action is boosted by the Open Eye™ applicator. This technological wonder reproduces the expert techniques of the Dior Institute thanks to its double-rotating pearls.

Instantly, the eye contour area is smoothed, marks of fatigue disappear. Day after day, the eyes open up, magnified by greater lashes. Full of femininity, they illuminate the face with newfound beauty. Dior Prestige Le Concentré Yeux is refillable: a sustainable approach for lasting beauty. A unique synergy between Le Concentré Yeux and the Open-Eye™ applicator for the first time clinically proven by an independent dermatologist*:

• Firmness of the under eye: +14%
• Lifted aspect of the eyelids: +23%
• Dark-circle aspect: -17%
• Eye puffiness aspect: -26%

• Opening of the eyes: +18%
• Luminosity of the eye-contour: +21%

• Density of the lashes fringe: +14%
• Suppleness of the eye lashes :+28%

*Clinical measure on 30 women after one month application evaluated by an independent dermatologist.



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